About us

Naša TV is registered as a regional TV station based in Mostar.

With its signal via IPTV network providers BH TELECOM, ELTA KABEL, HT Eronet , and TELEMACH Naša TV wants to reach audiences all over Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The basic goal of our network is to create a television program in the Croatian language designed for viewers from the region. In order to meet the needs of our potential audience, regardless of their age, gender and social status, we are ready to offer a television program that will be able to accurately, objectively and timely inform, educate and entertain.


Our vision is to be a TV station that produces and broadcasts program in Croatian language across the territory oh BiH. We envision and aspire to produce content which objectively and affirmatively reproduces social, national and cultural identity, not only of Croats, but all nations and peoples of BiH.


Producing media content in contemporary, objective, independent, credible, innovative, and socially responsible way.

Forming, rather that just mirroring, public opinion on any important and current events in the country, and in doing so, focusing attention on understanding, tolerance and cooperation among individuals, social groups and peoples.

Being a factor of harmonization and integration of pluralistic public and media space in BiH.

To make Croatian public in BiH present, visible and recognizable in the media mosaic of BiH, respecting all other public and society as a whole.

Not only reflect, but also to form public opinion on all important and current issues which society and state face, focusing the attention of understanding, tolerance and cooperation, both among individuals and different social groups and nations.

Keep a diversified ownership structure with a large number of private investors and thus prevent concentration of ownership and dominant influence.